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Our prices don't start at $75.00 They are $75.00!  Unlimited head shots!  We shoot until you get all the head shots you need. We allow 4 wardrobe changes during this time. We Re -Touch each photo you choose.

It does not matter if you chose 4 photos or 50!
We will retouch each photo to perfection! You may also contact us for background changes and extra retouching if a situation comes up where you need something different.  All of this is included in the $75.00 package price. 

Sean - Click on his headshot to view his range.

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We can put your headshot on any background!

Headshot Tips

    Most Important

    • Your headshot should look like you - exactly how you would show up for an audition

    • Your photo has to sell your looks and personality

    • What you see is what you get

    General Tips

    • Tell us your expectations and intentions. Let us know what kind of look you want

    • Drink lots of water and be well rested (so your eyes will not have dark cirlces)

    • Your skin might not look it's best after drug/alcohol use. Try to abstain from these before your shoot

    • Arrive on time. Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early (we may have other clients scheduled before you)

    • Please call if you are running late or arrive early


    • Rehearse at home in front of a mirror. Practice poses and expressions (see below about characters)

    • If you're having trouble with expressions, watch your face in the mirror while running lines from a favorite scene

    • Visualize different emotions while looking in the mirror. Watch how this changes your expression

    "Characters" or "Types"

    Actors are hired to play a character and tell a story. Does your look allow you to play different characters? Think about how these character types would look:

    • The good guy/girl

    • The popular guy/girl

    • The guy/girl next door

    • The bad guy/girl

    • The professional guy/girl

    Also, think about the subtext or story behind a character. Where is this character from? What is his/her disposition? What is his/her financial background (blue collar/white collar/middle)?

    Bring wardrobe that supports how these characters would look.

    What to Wear / Wardrobe

    • Wear clothes that are comfortable and that make you look great

    • Don't overdress

    • Clothes should be neatly pressed and should look new or like new

    • Bring a variety of clothing that emphasizes different roles/characters (professional, blue-collar worker, intellectual, sexy, etc...)

    • Avoid large logos or branding

    • A simple black shirt/blouse/dress is often a good option

    • Avoid white shirts unless you plan to wear it underneath something

    • Darker clothes attract less attention and put the attention on your face and eyes

    • Solid colors are great

    • .Avoid busy patterns and large lines or stripes

    • .No glitter, sparkles, rhinestones, sequins

    • .Avoid red as a dominant color

    • .A suit or jacket are great for men wanting a more professional look

    • .Pay attention to details. Layers, ties, belts etc

    • .Different necklines will change the apparent shape of your face. Bring a variety different shirts/blouses to see what works best

    • .Turtlenecks are almost always a bad idea (since they crowd the face)

    • .Don't worry about shoes too much unless you specifically want a full-length look

    • .Don't only bring 3-4 same-style shirts in different colors. Bring variety of styles

    • .Bring a few extra oufits so we can choose what looks best on you at the shoot

    Remember: Select and wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. Choose something that makes you look good.


    • .Keep jewelry extremely simple - small is better

    • .Avoid jewelry that would distract from your face or that looks dated

    • The picture is about your face, not your jewelry

    • .Be prepared to remove facial piercings or multiple ear piercings if needed

    What to Bring

    • .Your previous headshots (so we can improve)

    • Sample headshots to help communicate the look you want

    • Various changes of clothing (see above)

    • A good attitude

    • Lip balm

    • Hair brush/comb

    • Makeup and hair products you prefer (especially if you have allergies)

    Hair and Makeup Tips

    • Make-up should be clean and natural

    • .Your make-up or hair-style should be exactly what you would do for an audition

    • .Avoid shimmers or products with lots of sparkle or shine

    • .Avoid frosts or garish colors

    • .Don't get a new hair cut just before the shoot (you may want to let it grow-in a bit or get used to styling a new cut)

    • .Do not try/use any new product on your hair, face or body the day before or few days before your shoot

    • .Avoid over-styling. Keep it simple

    Arrive With:

    • .Hair styled and makeup already applied (if not using makeup artist)

    • .Already dressed in first outfit

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